9 juillet 2015

Conversation anglaises

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Présentation de l’activité


I created this activity in 2013 because I think that the best way to improve my English spoken
skills is to practice every time I can. I think that we are a lot to want to speak
English fluently but it’s really tough. It’s not easy to work alone.
Of course you can read grammar books and do
some exercises every day, but you’ll realize quite quickly
that when you speak English, the words don’t come as fast as you want.
Why? Because you don’t practice enough.
If you come with us, you will speak and improve naturally
your English skills. The topics change every week, but most
of the time we talk about what we did and what we do in the real life.
So if you are interested in this activity come have a look in early September




Professeur – horaire – Tarif

Enseignant Horaire Tarif Lieu
Sylvain MARTINET Jeudi de 20h30 à 21h30 100 €/an Salle Valenciennes
 – Ouvert aux adultes, bon niveau requis

– week-end linguistique à Londres



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